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PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT AND DISCLAIMER's aim is to provide up to date information regarding activities and facilities for the auto enthusiast. We reserve the right to refuse any club listing of any club activity, rally, car show or sale. We also reserve the right to modify our policy and without notice when it is in our judgment it is necessary and to refuse to accept listing or posting from any organization or individual. Posting policy may change without notice or liability. We reserve the right to refuse any club listing of any club activity, rally, car show or sale with or without cause.

It is understood that we try to verify the accuracy of all information submitted or posted. We hope that the postings will follow the "Golden Rule" barring in mind participants and potential attendees can be greatly inconvenienced if the correct information is not provided from the submitted information. Those making the submission to shall provide full identification of the contact person, name of the organization, name address and Email address in registering.

Those posting or submitting car club and/or event information represents and those expected to act on the information submitted that it is accurate and update. Any individual or organization agrees that in consideration of the right: to participate in the Web Site maintained by all information shall be kept current and in the even of change in date or location they agree to promptly make the necessary change. Further they agree hold harmless the management of Regal Stuff Enterprises, their agents, volunteers and anyone else connected with the presentation of the web site, its content from and against all liability as a result of claims, demands or judgments arising from any posting or related event.

Continued use of this site, constitutes agreement with these terms.


PRIVACY POLICY and Regal Stuff Enterprises agreed not to sell, lease, rent, or in any other way transfer the information provided to us to any 3rd party, other than placing it onto our website for the public to view. We take no responseability for any 3rd party havesting that information, and any unauthorized use of that information. Our purpose in listing the information provided is to further the enjoyment of vehicle clubs and their related events. Any other use of the information on this site,without specific written permission is strictly forbidden.

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